Message from the Treasurer

Message From The Treasurer

Kanai Lal Sarkar

Since the very inception of human civilization, education has been playing a vital and key role for every human being. Education unveils the world of knowledge. To lead a happy, prosperous, peaceful, dignified, and meaningful life, education, especially higher education, is a must. With a view to imparting world-class higher education, a host of patriotic and education-interested personalities started North Western University in 2013 with the blessings and kind cooperation of the honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. The university offers undergraduate and graduate degrees for eligible young students at the most affordable cost compared to the traditional university system of the country. The university is committed to building resourceful personnel by providing quality education through research and creative projects.

It is expected that students achieving degrees from this university will shine in their personal lives, and they will be able to contribute to the overall social and economic progress of the country. Therefore, I encourage and urge the eligible young learners to take advantage of all that the North Western University has been offering. I firmly believe that North Western University will open new horizons for the students as well as for the nation.

Kanai Lal Sarkar
North Western University
Khulna, Bangladesh