Our Aims and Objectives of Debating Club

1. To foster the development of students enrolled at North Western University in the areas of Debating and Public Speaking by;

a) Instilling confidence, articulation, organization and the ability to deliver well crafted speeches;

b) Fostering an awareness of the important role that debaters and public speakers play within various spheres of national life;

2. To establish sound collaborations with other tertiary level groups, particularly those which have within their mandate, an emphasis on oratory;

3. To organize and host public information sessions such as open-mic forums and public debates geared towards facilitating the free exchange of information between students and faculty members of North Western University, as well as individuals and groups external to North Western University;

4. To represent North Western University in the annual World Universities Debating Championships (WUDC) as well as other national, regional and international oratorical competitions.